As you might have noticed I love fooling around with my knitting machine, especially multicoloured yarns I love There is a type of yarn called kauni which has beautiful long striping yarn, just perfect for some batwings

I have made boots, several pairs over time. None of them were perfect enough. Always there are niggling irritations over asymmetry and not quite the perfect fit. So they lay in by barn waiting to be re-done with my awesome machine. Today I tore apart my very fave ones and completely rebuilt them using all the things I have learnt over time. I think I am happy nowpity they are not a tiny bit tallerneed   Read More

I brought most delicious leather back from Istanbul with me and it has been looking at me..begging to be made into something. I know what I will make of part of it but it was missing a vital ingredient. It will become a jacket like the green one. I have the pattern parts laid out and each time I wanted to start cutting I got up and walked away again. I can not start before   Read More

My boots were annoyingly imperfect so I had thrown them in a corner. I know if I just go do something else a solution will come to me , as it did Because I can not pull them tight enough my feet keep slipping out the foot part, so while driving to the rubbish dump to get rid of a pile of mess suddenly it hit me. They needed a strap around the ankle. As   Read More

It was a good learning experience, I now know how to operate the machine fairly well. I know where to make adjustments for the next pair. Not saying that this pair will not get a good deal of use after a little adaptation here and there, but they are not quite perfect enough yet ;D

I love going around barefoot but it is not always possible, so one day I ran into a bootmaker online and at once was completely smitten. But since I always want to make everything myself and from then on I started learning how to.  After making a few sets of boots I threw in the towel as my regular sewing machine was just not cutting it. I dreamt of buying a real leather sewing machine.Well   Read More

The linen was all knit up into a large piece of fabric and then cut to a pattern and sewn into a sunshine jumper. Perfect for hot days

I bought linen yarn a while back and this morning decided to start knitting it into fabric. It is superthin and a little twisty so quite slow to work with but boy the endresult will be worth it! I love the look and feel of linen and will make it into a summer jumper like my woolen olive jumper I thinkthough of course I might well change my mind along the line

Slippers should be easy to jump in and out of so I made these with an open back which kinda look like a just opened flower. Which fits well with the flower on top I made the flower by prefelting leaves and stamen and placing the flower stamen first on my resist. With the leaves left unfelted at the base the leaves will remain free from the wool while felting. Like that the base of   Read More

She gave me fabric and the freedom to do as I pleased, I measured her and started thinking. That was a good few months ago but now it is all done Of course not as perfect as I wanted it to be but luckily she is very pleased and that will have to satisfy me too!