I dyed some BFL superwash yarn in greens and redpinkish which was precisely enough for the sleeves of a jumper, the rest of it is a deep red lambswool. The light is too white to show the colours correctly so you will have to imagine it from the picture of the yarn It has been snowing like crazy all day, Martien has shoveled twice in the time I was knitting and sewingand it does not   Read More

Not long ago I received local wool to play with and see how well it could be used for various ends. I have been using it undyed on several pairs of slippers and now I have started dyeing it. On a blog I saw a very fun idea and decided that that would be my first dye experiment. The idea is slippers like watermelons, like you will see if you press this link The wool   Read More

I love sewing and especially converting something I have seen into something I can wear So I saw a coat one day with the front part going over into the hoodie and it stuck in my mind. From there it became 2 coats. One quite thick charcoal wool with a rather unexpected crazy pink floral lining and the other lighter weight technical sports wool with a lining of beautiful batik. The purple one has a   Read More

My feet will be cookedI think I maybe used a bit much wool And I made a poppy scarf on order, always fun to do and they never are the same

Our neighbors have sheepall our neighbors do I think But these particular neghbors are good friends as well so I put on my daring shoes and asked if they would be interested in a cooperation with me. They send out for wool to be carded and together we make some carpets and who knows we might even interest some local people to come for a workshop and make a carpet for in their hytte or   Read More

I was watching The Lord of the Rings once again and Eowynn wars a dress in one of the scenes I really liked so it had to be recreated of course Sherry sent me gorgeous deep red wool once and I wanted to make it of that but it has no stretch and I hate filling in and out of dresses with zips and stuff. I need to be able to pull it over my   Read More

I am working on sourcing wool locally for my new product. It is called sitting stone. A felted pebble to sit on while outdoors on a hike or just in the garden.It is very light,hardwearing and most of all nice and soft to sit on. The wool keeps your behind nice and warm too so on a cooler day you can still enjoy a little rest with some coffee while hiking and not become all   Read More

Well once all the wool was knitted up it just called out to become leggingsso there

I bought this awesome yarn off etsy and as soon as it came in I would it into a ball and started knitting. I just make it into a huge panel and will see once I have washed it what I will make of it.

I bought this yarn a long time ago, very thin 70 % silk and 30% wool if I remember wellor maybe the other way around ;D There is lots and lots of it and so far I have used it to make a jumper but other than that it has just been sitting in my yarn drawer. When I was in Siberia I saw a pair of camel wool trousers and I really loved those   Read More