Perfectionism is nice, as it drives me forward. Yet it is annoying too as nothing is ever quite good enough.. But this time I think I snagged it, the perfect leather trousers. Below the knee, but not too long or too short. Laces down the side so I can expand a bit. Superdelicious soft leather. The model I have down to perfection finallypossiblyI think..

I love sewing and especially converting something I have seen into something I can wear So I saw a coat one day with the front part going over into the hoodie and it stuck in my mind. From there it became 2 coats. One quite thick charcoal wool with a rather unexpected crazy pink floral lining and the other lighter weight technical sports wool with a lining of beautiful batik. The purple one has a   Read More

How I adore this floral leather, not too sweet yet very cute Still needs a cord or strap or something, not sure what to use yet.

Dont you just love the word oxblood red??And the colour itself is so gorgeous as well ;D It combines most wonderfully with the saddle leather trimmings I bought a while ago. Two sweet hip purses

I was watching The Lord of the Rings once again and Eowynn wars a dress in one of the scenes I really liked so it had to be recreated of course Sherry sent me gorgeous deep red wool once and I wanted to make it of that but it has no stretch and I hate filling in and out of dresses with zips and stuff. I need to be able to pull it over my   Read More

Well once all the wool was knitted up it just called out to become leggingsso there

Wellit is always the season for dresses I made 2 these past days. One of wool I brought back from Istanbul and one from odds and ends I had lying about. Both are destined for my shop, I am just in two minds as to which shop. Shall I really put energy in making my own shop and hope I can generate enough traffic or shall I put them in my etsy shop with as   Read More

It was a good learning experience, I now know how to operate the machine fairly well. I know where to make adjustments for the next pair. Not saying that this pair will not get a good deal of use after a little adaptation here and there, but they are not quite perfect enough yet ;D

I love going around barefoot but it is not always possible, so one day I ran into a bootmaker online and at once was completely smitten. But since I always want to make everything myself and from then on I started learning how to.  After making a few sets of boots I threw in the towel as my regular sewing machine was just not cutting it. I dreamt of buying a real leather sewing machine.Well   Read More

Not quite done yet, my rivets have not arrived yet. But it is nearing completion and me and my new machine got along quite well for a first project together