Suddenly the heating switch has been turned on and water is running wild. I love this time of year Martien is less delighted as the pipe that leads the water under our road and it is blocked somehow, so the water runs over the driveway, across the parking lot and then across the field. It should of course run through the pipe and along the spring riverbed in the woodsoh wellspring has sprun! Who cares! And in   Read More

An other pair of barefoot booties going off to someplace in Norway

Not long ago I received local wool to play with and see how well it could be used for various ends. I have been using it undyed on several pairs of slippers and now I have started dyeing it. On a blog I saw a very fun idea and decided that that would be my first dye experiment. The idea is slippers like watermelons, like you will see if you press this link The wool   Read More

My feet will be cookedI think I maybe used a bit much wool And I made a poppy scarf on order, always fun to do and they never are the same

Our neighbors have sheepall our neighbors do I think But these particular neghbors are good friends as well so I put on my daring shoes and asked if they would be interested in a cooperation with me. They send out for wool to be carded and together we make some carpets and who knows we might even interest some local people to come for a workshop and make a carpet for in their hytte or   Read More

My parents are here and they love to go places while being driven around, and I love driving around. So as the sun was shining I invited them for a drive along the Rondane road up to RÞros. I hoped to see some reindeer which we unfortunately didnt but we did see some stunning landscapes Rulledog came along for the ride too

A stone throw away from our home we have the most stunning scenery and with a friend I took a walk there today. The summit is called Ruten and is according to the books 1516 meter high but my gps told me 1556

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Well that much is clear from my package. Clearly marked for shipping to Norway yet detoured through ZimbabweBut it arrived And speaking of wandering I will be wandering to Mongolia soonso needed the perfect travel bag , now all I need to do is fix my machine so I can continue. Something is stuck

With pain in my heart I put my jacket up for sale. I know I love making things and how many jackets can one have? I hardly ever wear one so I think it should go to someone who will use it for all that it is worth and get the most enjoyment out of it. Lambs leather

My boots were annoyingly imperfect so I had thrown them in a corner. I know if I just go do something else a solution will come to me , as it did Because I can not pull them tight enough my feet keep slipping out the foot part, so while driving to the rubbish dump to get rid of a pile of mess suddenly it hit me. They needed a strap around the ankle. As   Read More