I received an order for elk leather booties here in Norway, gives me a big happy as I loooooove making them And then I made a huuuuge length of fabric on my knitting machine. It is some sort of zilk rayon mixture and what it will beno idea yet

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Yesquite chuffed at how they turned outeasy to hop in and oh so comfy..

I really love making bags, and always set out to make it for myself of course. But how many bags can I have? I think I should make a shop section in my own online shop for  used bags. Maybe then I sell some and I wont feel guilty about keeping this one

While searching for new elk leather I ran across an elkhide with mountainlion scars on it.  Too awesome to pass up! The main part is pristine, which can be used for made to order shoes.  The scarred part is mine! Scarred summer shoes for me

Perfectionism is nice, as it drives me forward. Yet it is annoying too as nothing is ever quite good enough.. But this time I think I snagged it, the perfect leather trousers. Below the knee, but not too long or too short. Laces down the side so I can expand a bit. Superdelicious soft leather. The model I have down to perfection finallypossiblyI think..

How I adore this floral leather, not too sweet yet very cute Still needs a cord or strap or something, not sure what to use yet.

Dont you just love the word oxblood red??And the colour itself is so gorgeous as well ;D It combines most wonderfully with the saddle leather trimmings I bought a while ago. Two sweet hip purses

Very exciting but also scarywill they fit??? Only time will tell

So my first two orders of leather shoes are in one pair of tall boots for my sweet friend Stephanie and not long after that a surprise order from the norwegian handmade market Epla. The leather I am working with is sublime thick soft elk leather. It is full of scars and blemishes from its wild outdoor life so the trick is to cut around the worst of them. But oh boy so buttery softthese   Read More

No words..