The weather has warmed up and everything is growing like crazy! We will have more than we can eat

Finally a pair that has the right length Now just secure me a steady supply of denim and nevermore will my sweet be without proper fitting jeans  

You would think Nordic people are tall but either they are not or none of them buy jeans. I have serached for 5 years and not once have I found jeans to fit my guy. Then finding rugged jeans fabric was impossible too it seemed so I was a bit at a loss about that Then yesterday I found the real uncompromising stiff sturdy jeans fabric! Hah, now I have cut up the totally completely   Read More

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Milk is nice to drink but of course we do not need it as such. Milk is for baby animals So when I saw the term nut milt I wondered what it was and found a way to make it. Being a curious girl I had to see if it would be tasty and easy. A cup of nuts soaked overnight to activate them drained and plonked in the blender to that you add a   Read More

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Yesquite chuffed at how they turned outeasy to hop in and oh so comfy..

My husband the car mechanic Back in Holland such an attempt would not even have been considered.. Our ancient Toyota Hilux was in dire need of some fixing and after having diagnosed the problem (long live the internets) and doing some research as to what a rear driveshaft might cost we went to the local car mechanic to see whet the selfsame part might cost here. Because we wanted it now and not in a week or   Read More

I really love making bags, and always set out to make it for myself of course. But how many bags can I have? I think I should make a shop section in my own online shop for  used bags. Maybe then I sell some and I wont feel guilty about keeping this one

They are coming along, and I am learning as I work. But for a prototype they are pretty ok

While searching for new elk leather I ran across an elkhide with mountainlion scars on it.  Too awesome to pass up! The main part is pristine, which can be used for made to order shoes.  The scarred part is mine! Scarred summer shoes for me

Not long ago I decided it was time for a bit of fun and bought some hair extentions in funky colours online. They clip in and add some spice to my very straight hair. When they were on the way I thought to myself that hair is hair, be it sheep,yak or human and maybe I could dye it myself with the same dye I use for my woolso I ordered some dead cheap hair   Read More