Finally a pair that has the right length Now just secure me a steady supply of denim and nevermore will my sweet be without proper fitting jeans  

You would think Nordic people are tall but either they are not or none of them buy jeans. I have serached for 5 years and not once have I found jeans to fit my guy. Then finding rugged jeans fabric was impossible too it seemed so I was a bit at a loss about that Then yesterday I found the real uncompromising stiff sturdy jeans fabric! Hah, now I have cut up the totally completely   Read More

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I received an order for elk leather booties here in Norway, gives me a big happy as I loooooove making them And then I made a huuuuge length of fabric on my knitting machine. It is some sort of zilk rayon mixture and what it will beno idea yet

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Yesquite chuffed at how they turned outeasy to hop in and oh so comfy..

I really love making bags, and always set out to make it for myself of course. But how many bags can I have? I think I should make a shop section in my own online shop for  used bags. Maybe then I sell some and I wont feel guilty about keeping this one

They are coming along, and I am learning as I work. But for a prototype they are pretty ok

While searching for new elk leather I ran across an elkhide with mountainlion scars on it.  Too awesome to pass up! The main part is pristine, which can be used for made to order shoes.  The scarred part is mine! Scarred summer shoes for me

A while back I was contacted by a felter from Estonia who asked me if she could send me some soap to test out. Of course I said, I love using natural soap and this particular soap, as she so eloquently tells in her shop It is made with sheep tallow sourced from small sheep farmers who practice free grazing.Unlike coconut and palm oil, the sheep tallow does not require rainforest destruction, slave labour, tons   Read More

I saw this picture on FB and just had to make it. As a happy coincidence friends of ours happen to be pigfarmers and I had been looking for an excuse to invite them over for thanking them they are always ready to help out if needed. So this pie seemed like the perfect occasion I used this receipe as the basis, just copy paste it into the google translator to get it in your language.   Read More

An other pair of barefoot booties going off to someplace in Norway