The weather has warmed up and everything is growing like crazy! We will have more than we can eat

A while back I was contacted by a felter from Estonia who asked me if she could send me some soap to test out. Of course I said, I love using natural soap and this particular soap, as she so eloquently tells in her shop It is made with sheep tallow sourced from small sheep farmers who practice free grazing.Unlike coconut and palm oil, the sheep tallow does not require rainforest destruction, slave labour, tons   Read More

I dyed some BFL superwash yarn in greens and redpinkish which was precisely enough for the sleeves of a jumper, the rest of it is a deep red lambswool. The light is too white to show the colours correctly so you will have to imagine it from the picture of the yarn It has been snowing like crazy all day, Martien has shoveled twice in the time I was knitting and sewingand it does not   Read More

There, something new to wear again

Like I mentioned earlier I have the knits And I have many very fine yearns in stock to use so now it is the turn of a silk/linen mix which in all likelyhood will become a tunic I am working on in my head. I dyed it several very dark tones of red,rust and green. Kind of a very dark forresty look. The dye is setting now and tomorrow I will have a look to   Read More

Not long ago I received local wool to play with and see how well it could be used for various ends. I have been using it undyed on several pairs of slippers and now I have started dyeing it. On a blog I saw a very fun idea and decided that that would be my first dye experiment. The idea is slippers like watermelons, like you will see if you press this link The wool   Read More

I love sewing and especially converting something I have seen into something I can wear So I saw a coat one day with the front part going over into the hoodie and it stuck in my mind. From there it became 2 coats. One quite thick charcoal wool with a rather unexpected crazy pink floral lining and the other lighter weight technical sports wool with a lining of beautiful batik. The purple one has a   Read More

I am having an attack on the knits.. I needed a new jumper so I made 2 and since I was knitting added a pair o socks as well

How I adore this floral leather, not too sweet yet very cute Still needs a cord or strap or something, not sure what to use yet.

Dont you just love the word oxblood red??And the colour itself is so gorgeous as well ;D It combines most wonderfully with the saddle leather trimmings I bought a while ago. Two sweet hip purses