I really love making bags, and always set out to make it for myself of course. But how many bags can I have? I think I should make a shop section in my own online shop for  used bags. Maybe then I sell some and I wont feel guilty about keeping this one

I love sewing and especially converting something I have seen into something I can wear So I saw a coat one day with the front part going over into the hoodie and it stuck in my mind. From there it became 2 coats. One quite thick charcoal wool with a rather unexpected crazy pink floral lining and the other lighter weight technical sports wool with a lining of beautiful batik. The purple one has a   Read More

How I adore this floral leather, not too sweet yet very cute Still needs a cord or strap or something, not sure what to use yet.

Soft and supple Sweet flowers I made The floral jacket available all over the net ;D

Modeled on the green leather jacket but now in thinner leather and with floral detailing. The flower parts as super soft leather too. It is unlined but for the sleeves which are lined with golden handdyed linen.

I brought most delicious leather back from Istanbul with me and it has been looking at me..begging to be made into something. I know what I will make of part of it but it was missing a vital ingredient. It will become a jacket like the green one. I have the pattern parts laid out and each time I wanted to start cutting I got up and walked away again. I can not start before   Read More

One fine day I was watching the series Lost and there in one scene Kate had on a green jacket with a tie at the back. It stuck in my mind and when I saw awesome green leather in my fave ebay leather shop.well suffice to say I am of an obsessive nature..and here we are one leather green jacket with ties at the back

In anticipation of my new sewing machine I had a tiny little shopping spree

Slippers should be easy to jump in and out of so I made these with an open back which kinda look like a just opened flower. Which fits well with the flower on top I made the flower by prefelting leaves and stamen and placing the flower stamen first on my resist. With the leaves left unfelted at the base the leaves will remain free from the wool while felting. Like that the base of   Read More

Well no not quite that far in to the year yet but we do have much more light already and it is not quite so cold these days so I felt like some long overdue felting time. I made two scarves. One is a mainly cotton scarf with just wool detailing and the other is silk lap with some leaves (real leaves) a hint of wool and some forest floor litter effect Both started out   Read More