When we went to collect the carding machine the lady who sold it had carded a few bags of wool for us to see how well it did on unwashed wool. So we now have two huuuge rolls of carded wool. I dyed pars of it in various colours and invited the family over for a tpot of felting. Each of us laid out a design with a theme of circles so there   Read More

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A while back I was contacted by a felter from Estonia who asked me if she could send me some soap to test out. Of course I said, I love using natural soap and this particular soap, as she so eloquently tells in her shop It is made with sheep tallow sourced from small sheep farmers who practice free grazing.Unlike coconut and palm oil, the sheep tallow does not require rainforest destruction, slave labour, tons   Read More

My feet will be cookedI think I maybe used a bit much wool And I made a poppy scarf on order, always fun to do and they never are the same

I had a returning customer who came back to me after a year or 2 or so. She had bought her daughter a dress then and now wanted a new one for her. Gives me such a warm fuzzy feeling when people do that, return after a long time for some more It made me so fuzzy inside I had to go and make a pile of new snackers

My mother in law is visiting so of course we make something fun, I am trying to convince her to get an ipad. So we made a cover for the one she will buy as soon as she comes home. Tom (our eldest son) will come home to Holland with her for the holidays and has promised to supervise her in buying one

I am working on sourcing wool locally for my new product. It is called sitting stone. A felted pebble to sit on while outdoors on a hike or just in the garden.It is very light,hardwearing and most of all nice and soft to sit on. The wool keeps your behind nice and warm too so on a cooler day you can still enjoy a little rest with some coffee while hiking and not become all   Read More

Our beds in the yurt consist of 3 planks with legs attached on this rests a kapok madras .the first night taught me this is not a very soft combination. I rustled up a second madras so the next night would be spent in a little more comfort I am trying to remember the names of my fellow travellers, so far I have not yet succeeded but once I get to know them their names   Read More

A woodland scene as doorstopper. Half a boulder felted in with liquid latex on the bottom so it does not slide.

The leather sole would have made them too heavy, so my trusty rubber sole I added to them. Dont they look mighty cute? Suitable for out and about the house, nice and warm with felt insole and wool outer. Lined with pretty cotton and a sweet pink waxed linen drawstring

Slippers should be easy to jump in and out of so I made these with an open back which kinda look like a just opened flower. Which fits well with the flower on top I made the flower by prefelting leaves and stamen and placing the flower stamen first on my resist. With the leaves left unfelted at the base the leaves will remain free from the wool while felting. Like that the base of   Read More