Yesquite chuffed at how they turned outeasy to hop in and oh so comfy..

An other pair of barefoot booties going off to someplace in Norway

Perfectionism is nice, as it drives me forward. Yet it is annoying too as nothing is ever quite good enough.. But this time I think I snagged it, the perfect leather trousers. Below the knee, but not too long or too short. Laces down the side so I can expand a bit. Superdelicious soft leather. The model I have down to perfection finallypossiblyI think..

I found a supplier of elkhide, unfortunately not locally.yet..For now it will have to do. So bootmaking has commenced A while ago I made these but they were not satisfactory so they became the lining of these which also were not up to scratch and landed on the scrapheap but they led to these. Of which I have sold 2 pairs to date here locally in Norway so that is very nice. Back to the   Read More

Dont you just love the word oxblood red??And the colour itself is so gorgeous as well ;D It combines most wonderfully with the saddle leather trimmings I bought a while ago. Two sweet hip purses

So my first two orders of leather shoes are in one pair of tall boots for my sweet friend Stephanie and not long after that a surprise order from the norwegian handmade market Epla. The leather I am working with is sublime thick soft elk leather. It is full of scars and blemishes from its wild outdoor life so the trick is to cut around the worst of them. But oh boy so buttery softthese   Read More

As you might have noticed I love fooling around with my knitting machine, especially multicoloured yarns I love There is a type of yarn called kauni which has beautiful long striping yarn, just perfect for some batwings

Super comfy, reproducable pattern and so light you hardly notice you are wearing anything at all. The soles are ground up rubber tires mixed with glue and can be reapplied when needed where they start showing wear and tear. Now to find some affordable elk leather of the right weight and I can then take custom orders ;D

I have this terrible craving to buy shoes, luckily none of them are precisely rightbut the desire for new shoes is not to be denied so I decided to copy my fave shoes as they are no longer madesnifs I tore apart the boots I made earlier which just would not become precisely right. Not good enough to sell nor good enough for me to wear so on the scrapheap they go! For the outside   Read More

I very much like leather and wanted to make leather mittens for a while already. I even made 2 pairs but neither satisfied me so they are awaiting repurposing. Then last year one of the boys finally wore out a pair of mittens and I figured I could disassemble those so mittens to copy the patern (evil me..) I took a long time in deciding which leather to use but now finally decided and made   Read More